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Diplomatic Service

Diplomatic Service is an independent organization established by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Minister's Decision No. 5 of 1 January 1993. The principal responsibility of Diplomatic Service is to manage and maintain state-owned properties, most of which are leased to foreign missions in the Czech Republic for representational needs, visits of high-ranking foreign officials, and other diplomatic purposes. Properties in Diplomatic Service's portfolio receive superior attention, and no expense is spared in their maintenance, as many of them have a high artistic and historical value.

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Diplomatic Service is also responsible for organizing the reconstruction and renovation of buildings in its portfolio and for negotiating agreements under which facilities are leased to missions of foreign countries in the Czech Republic to serve as consular offices, residences, dwellings, and commercial space. Other services include the lease of movables and the procurement of various goods and services for the needs of foreign officials, international organizations, and integration groups. Temporarily vacant properties are available for general commercial purposes under standard legal terms.

No less important is the role Diplomatic Service plays in fulfilling reciprocity between the Czech Republic and other countries in accordance with the Vienna Convention. In this regard, Diplomatic Service functions as an intermediary that assists foreign governments in the mutual and reciprocal search for land and buildings used for diplomatic purposes.

The tasks and responsibilities of Diplomatic Service are laid down in its Charter of 23 December 2003. In fulfilling its undertakings, Diplomatic Service cooperates closely with the individual departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Diplomatic Service is headed by a Director appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.